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Hi I'm Thomas and I am a professional Care Home Entertainer.


What To Expect.

I offer can offer 3 different shows (4 if you include my Christmas show, detailed below)

  • Classic Crooners & Swing

  • Fantastic 50's & 60's

  • Classic Country & Western

My experience of singing at care homes has taught me that one care home can be very different to another so the performance can be tailored to suit your needs.


This means I can present the show in a high energy party style fashion or keep things a little more laid back and background if that is preferred. 

Whatever you decide my goal is to entertain, interact and put a smile on peoples faces. 


How Long Is The Performance?

1 Hour.


£60 if you are based in Norwich.

£75 for the rest of Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex

What Do People Think?​

Thomas has performed at several of the Care Homes we visit and he is always very well received by the residents and the staff.

Thomas is a really friendly guy and a great entertainer. You won't regret booking him for your Care Home! 


Kelly Lindsay

Director of Norfolk Charity, Friend in Deed

Book Today!

Call 07805 202761 or email to book!

New for 2021!

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